Frequently Asked Questions


Over time I've noticed there where some reoccuring questions; so I've done my best to round them all up here to make it easier for everyone interested or curious.
Please do not hesitate if you have any more questions if you don't find an answer here; just message me on my contact page!


  • Do you offer video tutorials to be bought or downloaded?
    No. Right now I only offer live (private) classes through the split-screen version on Skype OR in person with me in my studio in Antwerp.
  • Do you record the private classes you give to your students (and are these available for after the class)?
    No. I do offer for every student a 30 to 60 minute class a month after the (final) session to cover some points if necessary to refresh or go more in depth.
  • Are you teaching on other educational platforms (like Skillshare)?
    No. I only work in-person with my students (at the present time); this might change in the future but for now I don't.
  • What do I need to participate in these classes? How experienced do I need to be?
    As these are personalized classes; I make each class made-to-order. If you're an absolute beginner starting from the basics or an experienced retoucher looking to learn new techniques or insights, it's all possible. As long as you have a Skype account (free) and you have Photoshop (CS4 or higher); with either Lightroom or Adobe Raw Converter, you have everything you need.
  • I'm living in a different timezone; how does this work?
    So far I've educated people from the Netherlands and Sweden to classes in America. I look for a suiting date for both of us with a time that fits for both of us.
    Even for being at the other side of the word; there is enough timeframe to make sure a class can be scheduled in.