Business Tutoring

Always wanted to know more about running a business? Get first-hand experiences and feedback on how to start one? The ins and outs of and downfalls you have to take care off and be aware of? How to price yourself? Or you want to know more about how to run social media, make yourself well know and advance in marketing. Or even a short but powerfull feedback session on your business image, social media & portfolio? Now it's possible! By popular request from students, Sheridan's Art decided to introduce these sessions beside the education of photography and retouching. 

These are aimed at the more "business" side of running or aspiring to run a photographic business. While I won't be giving any legal advice (though I will direct you to instances that will be able to help and answer); I will be an open book about anything else you have questions about when it comes to running a photographic business like I do right now.

Business & Mentoring Sessions

2 hours - 195 Euros
4 hours - 275 Euros
6 hours - 450 Euros


Sessions are available in-person (Antwerp, Belgium) or online through skype.
Sessions from 4 hours can be split up over two dates, classes from six hours are divided over 2 or 3 separate dates. Split up sessions can be scheduled over the course of of 6 months for an optimal experience and development of the student.