Musing Mondays: Rediscovering My Art

About "Musing Mondays" 
*Musing Mondays is a series of blogs I release every week with my own thoughts regarding the my work as artist & the process behind it. I wanted to do this as online diary, both showcasing what happens when you're a full-time artist and being more transparent at the same time*

Musing Mondays

Rediscovering my art

I'm going to kick off a new project called "Musing Mondays" on Kindle Inspiration & this blog with a topic I've been pondering about behind the scenes for a while now: "What the f*** am I doing, creating & being inspired by lately? Because I hella don't know anymore".

Seriously. I don't. I still blame my personal hell of 2017; but considering we're mid april now and kicking on to may somehow, with spring on my front door (or balcony, it's my morning routine with the cats to sit outside enjoying the morning now) ... I think it's also time to leave the past in the past. Including my insecurities and struggles I've "lost my voice in art" and that I'm getting nowhere. You know, there is a time to mourn and  to feel bad but at one point it's time to gather the pieces of your art soul and bring it back together with a touch of gold as broken doesn't mean defeated. It's just changed appearance and structure.

Easier said then done, with my philosophical self: so for this musing monday I decided to make it a hell lot easier: let's just put all of my favorite pieces of 2018 so far (roughly) together and sort it by style, appearance, editing technique & team and see what comes out of it. I'm more of a visual person in the long run so I hope this will help:


And so here we are: a bunch of photographs I've made with some of my favorite people in this world who still - despite it all - believe in me and my crazy ideas. Thumbs up to them!

So what does this tell me when I look at it?

- I like the second row the most: the muted tones, the painterly touch, the simplicity & minimal approach that only let the actual subject shine ten times more.

- I love the upper row. I have a soft spot for colorgels because they allow me to create portraits that feel more surreal & often bring out all these details. I also get a lot of "it looks like a game" commentary and that makes me véry happy.

- The third row (and fourth also) is my current research of "how I can translate my work into a more modern & contemporary setting that will allow me to make it more of a product for sale rather then a piece of art" - something I have been pondering about & has been brought forth by the universe a few times in form of external conversations without asking for it (my sceptical soul of the higher force was triggered as it felt as both a warning as a suggestion that I'm on a good road with this  thought process). This row is still very specifically artistically and with a lot of fantasy influences though (which isn't bad).

- The final row, the fourth: is literally me trying to break outside my box of black backdrop; using a bright color of red. A lot of movemement, trying to make it more fashion and different. It's still a heavily work in progress as red is such a strong color but I really love being able to create different images that still feel slightly antique .

So all this together, let's give it a summary: it feels incredible to me to be able to analyse my work theoretically instead of emotionally/subjectively. I'm aware this is not a way for everyone (it hasn't been for me for 9 years!) but I have found myself lately more "inspired" (say motivated) to look at everything from a very analytical, objective point of view in both business as my personal work and art. This also due to me having made the decision that my photography as entirely is now a professional occupation of mine instead (which I'm very passionated about; but its a professional matter in my life). This has been véry rocky to say the least, but it also cleared up a lot of things for me because it doesn't allow for any personal interference anymore and it allows me to really dedicate time and energy into each project, vision, idea and train-of-thought. It's what makes a job awesome. My job is awesome ( aka dreamjob; I have to think how to become better).

My goals right now are very "simple": I want to use my influences of "fantasy" , mythology & masters of the old art to create images and portraits that are either more minimal and mysterious; focussing on the subject(s) & allowing them to speak (row 2 mostly) while at the same time for the second "style" to push myself to create images that are even more "out of this world" focussing on movement & expression (row 1 mostly - also heavily going back to my style of my "Arcadia" series).

I want my work to go over the line of digital art, feel almost traditional while using only a camera, my light set-up(s) and styling with photoshop for the finishing touches only (as far as possible - very close to row 3). While I cannot share my moodboard(s) yet; I hope to follow up in a few months with new examples and show how I translate my inspiration into my own reality.


How do you translate inspiration? Do you also look back at your own work to get re-inspired or analyse? Or are you more "emotive" and you go with the flow? Or do you use both? Let me know! I would love to hear your approach.