A Freelancer Schedule

Yesterday I had a honest moment about my current state of mind and life. And instead of settling only on that and log back in once I got that all sorted: I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about the changes I want to implement in my life right now to make a positive change. One of the things I spoke about was that I absolutely do not work properly with a "9-to-5" schedule; however I feel a certain basic routine might help me also with ensuring I can get my work done and create time. Right now my life is a mess of non-stop work and juggling 5 tasks at once above the casual multitasking so I decided to give myself a basic schedule I need to keep myself too somehow. I try to see this as a guideline and not a routine. It's healthy to have a certain week planned ahead for someone like me so I cannot procrastinate and keep it hanging until it's too late. In the end; I always remind myself: I run a business. And discipline should be part of running a business as much as loving your job is. It's amazing to being able to run your business but I also feel it's time to both find a balance between that idea I "can do what I want, when I want" beside the "you run a business, so here are certain expectations and deadlines and routine you need to keep yourself too" - My goal now is trying to find that balance.


Looking at it like that: it's a lot. Though a lot can easily be scheduled & I did that exact same thing here in the follow up.

I have a few regular days set up for shooting based upon when my clients are available for portrait sessions and/or private classes; those days are: wednesday, friday, saturday & sunday. Usually I only take on 3 days a week for sessions (with up to 2 solo sessions or up to 3 sessions for one person depending on how much they booked me). I use the extra day for when I have a very busy period or when I need a weekend day off for family.

My current team is pretty flexible but have days they need to work. Except (for now) one day which has unofficially become my "personal shooting work day): tuesday.

Somehow my "day off" is going to be easiest when I choose for "monday" as that is usually when I had a crazy weekend, I might have things to prepare for that tuesday (if I shoot personal work) and it's one of the fun perks of being a freelancer you can take the dreaded monday away from work. Also I'm getting a little bit older soon, so sometimes being able to sleep to a whopping 8 o'clock in the morning (I'm an early bird) is nice for my beautysleep.

And those work-out days? I think my monday, tuesday & thursday are going to be those dreaded days. Maybe I will hit the gym more often in between and make it part of a healthy morning routine, but for now I want to have at least three days I need to go. The rest I will see how I start feeling about it. I find that my health is becoming more & more important to me after heavily neglecting it for a long time (years now). Together with that gym-plan I also want to spend more time cooking actual meals and not throw some things together to make sure I'm not hungry. I feel with people like me: often we put ourselves on the very last & our art goes first place followed by our job. So I want to change that around.

Will this work out? To a certain degree I think it does. There will be days and weeks I cannot keep myself to it; as that's also part of life. But for now I feel my current approach will allow myself to setle in and take on life. Right now I'm incredibly worried and stressed out so giving myself a (temporarily) guideline should help me out (I hope) to overcome this all and renew my energy to tackle the next part in this chapter of life.


First of all I wanted to get my goals straight; I have always a lot of plans and ideas and inspiration so my biggest talent is also my hardest downfall. I want to do it all and preferably all at once right now. So here are my current resolutions:

1. Personal life:
- Ensure I work out 3 times a week for an hour each time at least
- Cook at least 5 times (with the possibility to warm up leftovers)
- Take at least one day off a week (this is the hardest for me): to hang out with friends, play games, edit all day if I want, play with the cats, go do something random, ...

2. Work (Business)
- Spend 5 days a week working on my business
- Get one day free for "Kindle Inspiration" & everything I want to do for it.
- Spend half my time on marketing, social media, finding clients, develop business relationships, refining my skills & learning more things. Includes also working on my visual side of things for upcoming projects, pitching & expansion of portfolio.
- Spend my second half of my time on finishing clients, working on my service, refining my service, speed up my turnaround without losing its quality (only increase)

3. Work (Personal)
- Shoot a maximum of 1 personal work day every 2 weeks, with a maximum of 2 concepts on that day alone. (Before I usually used to do this 2 to 4 days a week with even more concepts).
- Work for the coming future almost only on my visions & inspiration alone, allowing myself to tune in with my roots and develop my portfolio like I want it without any outside pressure and expectations.