"Save Me Your Prayers"

"Save Me Your Prayers"

Beginning of february I traveled to the Netherlands to visit the amazing Josefien Hoekstra in her Studio XO in Amersfoort for both client as personal work. It was something I really looked forward to after working mainly from home all the time and to work with both new faces, new clients and a different space.

Now while it's pretty well know I'm very picky when it comes to models I work with as I always have a certain look & aura in mind: there are always some exceptions that happen on your path. I think the most noticeable in my entire career is my dear Nathaly Blue who mostly specialises in latex & fetish kind of modeling; while I'm at the other side of the spectrum creating fantasy stories & painting-inspired works (even when working on my "Eden Project" ). Miss Blue is also one of the only persons on this world right now who can take me out of my comfort zone in such a way I shoot things I thought I would never really shoot: like a sexy, fetish in latex 'dressed' nun rocking a giant oversized cross bsdm collar while showing some underboob. It kinda happened and to be honest: this is by far one of my most favorite sets I've ever shot in my career as photographer so far: fashion meets latex and a hella lot o'beauty and talent. Kinda everything I ever wanted without knowing I wanted it. That's a true "art-chemistry" relationship for me and I'm very grateful to be able to work with people like her.

Josefien was so kind to let me play around with her Lensbaby Lens (thank you!!!) and of course I had to use my fractals to create even more interesting looks. If you go for it, I guess once should go all the way.

While I'm unsure if I will touch such a subject again (even though it did really spark my interest to try my hands more on this "editorial fetish") - I guess I will just let it come without pushing too much boundaries and goals. For now I want to proudly present you her beautiful sets I'm really hyped about to share with all of you!



Model / Latex & Halo - Nathaly Blue
Makeup - Ashley Design & Makeup Artistry
Collar - Raspberry Mazohyst
Photography - Sheridan's Art

*First set shot with a Lensbaby Lens / Kaleidoscope Effect shot entirely in camera*
Technical Aspects: 50mm 1.4 / 5D Mark 3 ; Edited in Adobe Raw & Photoshop CC

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