Wardrobe - Shops I purchase(d)

Building (My) Wardrobe:
Where did I buy my costumes?

I've already covered two blogs (how I got sponsored & "purchasing pieces" ) about how I've build my current wardrobe. The following articles is an (ongoing) set about shops I have bought pieces I currently own and where I either continue to purchase pieces or recommend the shop (for both its quality & service) for both personal as paid work.

The following blog is from shops I've purchased with; even if I'm affiliated and/or sponsored with/from them.

This post is not sponsored in any way and is purely based upon my experiences and how much I like the products and results. Even if I'm gifted a piece/pieces or have traded - or they're clients of mine; all actual purchases have been made by my own free will and paid with my own salary for my business and wardrobe.


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Mytholon - Germany

Larp costumes; ranging from medieval to viking & fantasy.

I've purchased clothing, props & armor.
Relationship: Affiliated + Client (of mine)
I did purchase on multiple occasions from them myself for both personal & client work


Ayalgas - Spain

Circlets & Jewelry (fantasy style)

I've purchased 3 circlets from them
Relationship: I was gifted 2 more circlets with my purchase; no previous contact or collaborations have happened before this.


El Costurero Real - Spain

Fantasy Costumes & Accessoires.

I've purchased (fabric) wings & men's clothing from them.
Relationship: I previously collaborated with them & have been sponsored some pieces.
Purchases happened after all the collaborations have happened.


Medieville - England

Faux Fur Cloaks & Hoods

I've purchased a (faux) fur cloak from them.
Relationship: Client only


Moth & Myth - USA

Lasercut paper moths

Multiple moths have been purchased on various occassions;
been used in my "Moth Girls" series
Relationship: Client only


Hysteria Machine - UK

Gothic & Fantasy accessoires

I've purchased various pieces from them over time.
Relationship: been sponsored for about +- 2 years (2015 - 2016)
Purchases happened mostly through 2017


Alice Corsets - Ukraine

Couture Costumes, Corsets & Gowns

The "Star Dress" ensemble is from her.
Relationship: previously collaborated (including the original star dress).
The dress has been purchased at a later date for my permanent wardrobe


Renaissance Attic - UK

Ruffle Collars

Purchases multiple sets from her
Relationship: Mostly (I as) client; after some purchases we traded collars in exchange for images.


Moriel Corsetry - Russia

Specialises in corsets ; makes ensembles too

Purchases: Corsets
Relationship: Previously collaborated before purchasing pieces from her.
I've been gifted two corsets over time.


Wythe Phantom - UK

Corsets, Neck Corsets & Costumes

Purchased multiple pieces from her (dress, corset, neckcorset + veil)
Relationship: collaborations + I've been gifted some pieces.